We have been fascinated with interior design as long as we can remember.

About us

We are an interior design company with impeccable concepts on the latest design exploration concepts. Infinite levels of creativity from our designers allow us to provide all-round interior design solutions for office, apartment and shops. We take a people-centric approach toward innovation in design and execution. We remain focused on customer service, market-leading solutions and a long-term view of business relationships.

With more than 20 years of experience, our projects throughout the years have displayed our dedication in innovation, creativity and the level of quality in interior designing and services. It mirrors how our Chief interior designers and the team have a tight knit nature which enables us to build a positive relationship between the designing team and the clients over the project course. To us, designing projects is about beyond the site and program; it has to reflect the extended environment and social environment of a designated area. At Nomad we believe that understanding our client’s needs is foremost our objective and we would like to share that deeper appreciation to the quality of life through design.

Meet our team

Kenny Lee

Design Director

Vincent Pang

Head Of Design

Mendy Wong

Head Of Business Management

Henry Tam

Project Director

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